Product Description


Removes oil, grime and mineral scale from common pool surfaces such as tile, vinyl and concrete. Its thick, concentrated formula clings to upright surfaces for more effective cleaning power.

32 fl oz

Product Dosage & Directions

  1. Apply product as it comes from the bottle with a sponge, cloth, or soft brush.
  2. Swab surface to be cleaned and let stand no more than three minutes. A bubbling action denotes that this product is loosening the scale and dirt. DO NOT LET DRY.
  3. Scrub briskly, if necessary, on areas where excessive scale and grime have built up.
  4. Wipe surface that was cleaned promptly with a damp cloth and then splash water copiously on the cleaned area to remove any excess material. Dripping and spills should be rinsed and wiped up immediately.


Acids and surfactants